Retrofit & Renovation

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to existing systems.

Benefits of a retrofit

  • Saving on operation cost while benefiting from new technologies 
  • Optimisation of existing plant components 
  • Adaptation of the plant for new or changed products 
  • Increase in piece number and cycle time 
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability


Principally retrofitting describes the measures taken in the manufacturing industry to allow new or updated parts to be fitted to existing assemblies.The production of retrofit parts is necessary in manufacture when the design of a large assembly is changed or revised. If, after the changes have been implemented, a customer (with an old version of the product) wishes to purchase a replacement part then retrofit parts and assembling techniques will have to be used so that the revised parts will fit suitably onto the existing assembly.

What we fit

We fit everything, from civil and structure work, power requirement upgrading, even up to instrument fit out and suit all customer needs.